Best restaurants in Lagos, Portugal

You already had a chance to read about the best food in Faro. Now it’s time for Lagos – one of the most charming towns along the Portuguese coast. It is gorgeously surrounded by the most amazing spots of Algarve – Ponta da Piedale, Praia do Camilo, Praia do Canavial, Praia do Barranco do Martinho (a stunning little beach with breathtaking rock formations). But Lagos should also be known as the culinary paradise of Algarve. The variety of great restaurants, bars and cafes that can be found in this great little town will make your head spin. Don’t settle for average food, but instead follow the list of the best culinary spots in Lagos that will make your stay in Portugal unforgettable!


The best Portuguese food experience in Lagos. Located 10-15 mins from the centre of town, OS LAMBERTOS serves the most genuine Portuguese food you can only think of. The place is well known among the locals that have been coming here for the last 15-20 years. The place does not look very special from the outside and it certainly does not quite bring the ‘wow’ factor at the very beginning, but that changes when the food arrives…




The dishes in the menu are very traditional: a great choice of grilled fish (salmon, tuna, sea bass, turbot, sea bream, sardine), a big variety of meat dishes and salads. What I can definitely recommend is fish and seafood. If you like tuna, go for the grilled tuna steak – the most amazingly prepared fish I have ever tried. Also, the prawns fried in butter and garlic sauce are simply to die for. All the portions that come out of the kitchen are generous and could feed not one, but two or three people! Meals are served with rice or potatoes and vegetables or a side salad. Make sure to try some of their own house wine – a bottle is only €9! The prices of food are very decent – you will pay from €10 to €12 for a giant plate of fresh and authentic Portuguese food.

OS LAMBERTOS is famous for its Sunday Seafood Rice day. Only on that day you can eat their signature dish made of the freshest seafood and rice. Amazing. But no matter whether you go there on Sunday or any other day of the week there are two things you can be certain about: you will not leave disappointed and you will not leave hungry. In fact you will be the happiest and the fullest person in town (or even in the country). A MUST!

Type of food: Portuguese, fish, seafood

Address: R. do Compromisso Marítimo LB 11

Open: 12:00-15:00 & 19:00-22:00, Closed on Monday


BARBOSA was found by accident but it made me absolutely fall in love with it. It is a modern restaurant with a twist, an unusually well thought-out restaurant. Probably the most beautiful restaurant in Lagos, although the atmosphere there is very relaxed and welcoming. The place is spacious with lots of tables and even a little patio at the back. The service is spotless – very friendly and professional. The decorations are beautiful and the music that plays in the background will make you relaxed but will not put you to sleep 😉

When it comes to food, I can definitely recommend the burgers – they can please even the most finicky gourmands. Moist and full of amazing flavors with the best quality meat. Another amazing option is a risotto – try the octopus or the mushroom ones for a unique culinary experience. Every bite is a real treat for your buds, an explosion of exquisite taste. Apart from that, BAROSA serves fabulous tapas, sandwiches and paninis.

There is one more thing definitely worth mentioning: SANGRIAS! I had a chance to try the most refreshing sangria that was a pure symphony in my mouth. There are three types of Sangria to choose from: red, white and rose. Each one is prepared with a great mixture of alcohols (red/white/rose wine, Macieira, Triple Sec, Licor Beirao/Aperol/Sparkling wine, the freshest fruit and served in giant jars. You will want to stay for more and come again the next day!





Type of food: International, Portuguese

Address: R. António Barbosa Viana 17

Open: 18:00-02:00, Closed on Tuesday


So modern and chic! Crowded in the evenings, open until late, spacious and nicely decorated. Perfect for long dinner and drinks with friends. The staff is very attentive and cheerful – they will make sure that you spend a wonderful evening. And their food suggestions were just spot on: the beetroot hummus and prawns in white wine to start with and a tuna steak as a main course. Everything cooked to perfection and served in a beautiful way. The rooftop terrace adds a lot of charm to the place. The atmosphere is so lovely, that you will want to stay there for hours. Even the pickiest ones will have nothing to complain about. Amazing from soup to nuts!


Type of food: Portuguese, International, Mediterranean

Address: R. Lançarote de Freitas 18

Open: 18:00-00:00, Closed on Sunday


GOJI LOUNGE CAFE is a wonderful spot with healthy food that is made with love. The cafe is very cozy and it has a lovely terrace with lots of tables. Perfect for lazy breakfast, long brunch or lunch, but also good for an evening snack and a cocktail. This place is pure relaxation. GOJI serves large and healthy breakfasts (with chia seeds, goji berries, oats and fresh fruit), gorgeous salads and smoothies that taste of heaven. They also have a range of fabulous cakes. A paradise for vegetarians and vegans, but not only…


Every afternoon, there is a happy hour between 17 and 19. Perfect time to get one of GOJI’s fabulous cocktail or tapas. The choice is extensive: cheese, ham and sausage platters, many types of fish, olives, blood sausage, and the amazing Portuguese chouriço – a must when in Portugal. It’s a sausage cooked over flames. And the fun part is that you do it yourself right on your table. The sausage is cooked over a strong alcohol (usually Portuguese aguardentewhich gives it a very unique flavor.




No matter what time of the day you visit GOJI LOUNGE CAFE, make sure not to be in a rush and simply enjoy the lazy atmosphere at one of the cutest terraces in Lagos! I wish I could have it somewhere close to my house ❤

Type of food: breakfast, lunch, healthy food, cocktails, milkshakes, salads

Address: R. Marreiros Netto 61

Open: Monday-Saturday: 11:00-22:00, Sunday: 12:00-22:00


NAH NAH BAH is a great place located near the main street of Lagos that serves truly amazing burgers! But that is not the end. If you go there, prepare yourself to spend an evening in a super cozy and fun atmosphere while having some kick-ass drinks. Some say the burgers in NAH NAH BAH are best in town, some even say they are the most delicious burgers they have ever had. I could not agree more. The choice of burgers is incredible and includes 8 amazing burgers that will make everybody happy. There is something for real meat lovers, for those on a healthier diet, for vegetarians and for spicy food fans. Established in 2005, the TOUCAN BURGER was selected one of the world’s tastiest burgers (Matador network) and was recognized by the TimeOut, JetAway and Visão magazines. A juicy grilled beef patty, bacon, pineapple (!), lettuce, tomato, onion, melted cheese & homemade sauces – seems simple, but it tastes rich and comforting.  All burgers come with fabulous home-made crispy chips and the portions are more than generous. Visit for the most comforting food and a spectacular atmosphere!



Type of food: burgers

Address: Tv. do Forno 1

Open: 12:00-17:00 & 18:00-00:00


If you feel like fish and chips and you happen to be in Lagos, you could not choose better. A lot can be said about OL’ BASTARD’S restaurant, but it definitely does take an interesting take on this popular dish and elevates it to perfection. Just listen to this: vodka & beer battered hake fillets with hand-cut chips, vegetables and tartar sauce is the base. Then you can pick your own style: AUSSIE – served with beetroot salad and chicken salt, ENGLISH – served with minty mushy peas and malt vinegar, or AMERICAN – served with coleslaw and southern cajun spices. And the extras: popcorn prawns, calamari & onion rings. If you think at least the chips will be ordinary, you are wrong… spicy chili chips, Guinness gravy chips, jalapeno Mexican chips, or chips with seasoning will surprise you with flavors!  One of the most special fish and chips dishes I have ever had a chance to try.


Not only the food, but the place itself has so much character! Amazingly decorated looks a bit old-fashioned and very welcoming. The staff is friendly and very laid back. What more can I say?

Type of food: fish and chips

Address: R. Cândido dos Reis 115

Open: Sunday, Tuesday & Wednesday: 18:00-22:00, Thursday-Saturday: 12:00-16:00 & 18:00-22:00, Closed on Monday


When in Algarve, you must try the Portuguese Piri-Piri Chicken. This dish is named after a special type of pepper that grows all over Portugal and Southern Africa and is also known as African bird’s eye chilli. The special marinade is made of chillis, garlic, lemon juice, lemon zest, red wine vinegar, grilled onions, oregano, smoked paprika, salt and pepper. After resting in this marinade for a couple of hours, the chicken should be grilled to perfection. At CHURRASQUEIRA PRACA D’ARMAS the Piri-Piri Chicken is moist and finger-licking good! Nothing fancy, just a simple shop selling genuine and quick food. Well known among the locals and the tourists, so be prepared for long lines during lunch and evening hours. Fortunately the staff is experienced and professional – they will not make you wait to long for your amazing grilled chicken!


Type of food: chicken, fast food

Address: Praça das Armas 21

Open: 9:00-23:00, Closed on Sunday


Portuguese sweets and pastries are spectacular. This little pastry shop serves the best sweets and cakes in town. Located just in the centre, it is a perfect spot to start (and finish) your day in Lagos. Not only Pasteis de Nata that are freshly made here (if you are lucky, it will still be warm), but also old-school cream cakes will take you to heaven. Busy little place filled with locals and tourists. You will not be disappointed!


Type of food: pastry, cakes, sweets

Address: R. Cândido dos Reis 56

Open: 8:00-19:00, Closed on Sunday




Best food in Faro

If you travel to the South of Portugal, it is very likely that you will fly to Faro. A lot of people skip Faro and head directly to other coastal Portuguese towns such as Lagos, Albufeira or the region of Vilamoura. But don’t make this mistake – Faro is a lovely little town and it is definitely worth to stay there for at least for a couple of hours. Walk around, enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the capital of Algarve region and make sure to try some fantastic food that can be found in Faro! Here is the list of the most amazing food spots that I found during my stay there.


One of the best restaurants I found in Portugal! Amazing traditional Portuguese food, fantastic flavors, great atmosphere, good prices. PORTAS DO SAO PEDRO has one main rule: If you are in a hurry, leave it outside. Here, the food, like everything that’s good in life, takes time. Their food is made with love and passion – you can tell this from the moment you enter.

Delicious tapas ranging from the mackerel filled with oregano, pork cheeks in tomato sauce to a very interesting dish made with octopus and sweet potatoes – all highly recommended. The regional specialties include fried pork with paprika, chicken gizzards in hot tomato sauce, octopus fried with lemon, garlic and coriander, peas with chorizo and poached egg and beans with black pudding. The restaurant has also some vegetarian options: Moroccan style chickpeas, shiitake and asparagus with sesame and soy sauce (both delicious!), Kumato salad with fresh goat cheese and an amazing traditional asparagus bread pudding.




The restaurant serves fabulous desserts called ‘diet killers’ ;-): caramel ice-cream with hot chocolate, lava cake with raspberry sorbet (to die for), goat cheese with pumpkin and cinnamon or traditional almond cake. Everything that comes out of this kitchen is beyond amazing. As it is written in the menu: It is forbidden to leave this tavern hungry. Believe me, you won’t!

The service is wonderful and the prices are more than ok – you will pay from €5 to €8.50 for a dish, what a bargain! What is more, they always have a dish of the day (main dish and a drink) for only €5. Hard to believe, right? PORTAS DO SAO PEDRO is a definite must when in Faro!

Type of food: Seafood, Portuguese

Address: R. de Sao Pedro 61

Open: 12:00-14:30 & 18:00-00:00



When it comes to fish and seafood, the coast of Algarve is a true paradise. Restaurants along the coast offer a great selection of fish dishes. But the Portuguese do not use fish only in a traditional way: the region is filled with amazing sushi restaurants, serving the best and the freshest sushi you can only think of.

SUSHI PEARL in Faro is by far the most incredible sushi restaurant I found in Portugal, or maybe even in Europe. The chefs are making sushi just in front of you so you can be sure they use the freshest ingredients possible. The restaurant has an extensive menu, however, SUSHI PEARL is popular for its all-you-can-eat buffet. Open during lunch time and in the evenings and for €15 you can enjoy as much delicious sushi as you want. Sounds like heaven, right?







The motto of the restaurant is: Our job is not to satisfy our customers, Our job is to Amaze Them! – and, oh boy, they keep their promise. Everything in this place looks and tastes incredible. The restaurants is beautiful, spacious and simple – it feels like a modern bar somewhere in Tokyo. It also has a lovely patio outside so if the weather is nice, you do not have to stay inside.

The buffet includes gourmet sushi rolls, sashimi, sliced best quality fish, Asian-style tuna ceviche (raw tuna with fresh Asian-style lime zest, ginger, sesame oil and soy sauce dressing), mango-salmon ceviche brushed with citrus dressing to enhance its natural flavor. You will also have an option of trying a few hot dishes: fried cabbage, Chinese vegetables, amazing dim-sum, fried prawns and other ones. I should not forget the platters full of amazing fresh fruit: mango, pineapple, passion fruit, kiwi, melon – perfect to start and to finish with.

Everything in the SUSHI PEARL is made with care and real passion. You will leave full and wanting to come back. World-class sushi made with the finest, freshest ingredients! Top.





Type of food: Sushi

Address: Av. da República 48

Open: Tuesday-Friday: 12:30-15:00 & 20:00-00:00, Saturday-Sunday: 20:00-00:00, Monday: 12:30-15:00



If you are a salad fan, you simply cannot miss this place. THE WOODS, located 100 meters from THE SUSHI PEARL serves the most amazing (and the biggest) salads ever. Their whole menu and the food they serve can be described with one word: FRESH. Salads, sandwiches, fresh fruit juices, smoothies, detox vegetable drinks, cocktails, ice teas – you feel better only from looking at the menu.

The Woods is famous for its giant salads. And here the variety of options is also impressive: 10 salads to choose from. Italian, Greek, salad with chicken, salmon, seafood (fabulous!), beets & soybeans, tropical salad with fruit will make the choice difficult. You think salad cannot make you full? The Woods will prove you wrong!




The restaurant looks tiny from the street, but don’t let the first impression mislead you. The interior is beautiful and spacious with wooden tables and pleasant decor. You can sit inside, in front of the shop or… go to their fantastic rooftop overlooking Faro’s marina! I was truly amazed with this place and will definitely go back when in Faro!




Type of food: Salads, sandwiches, smoothies, healthy food & drinks

Address: Av. da República 10

Open: 10:00-00:00


One of the best vegetarian restaurants in Faro! Healthy, fresh and cheap. Open only during lunch time. The concept is simple: you pay €7 and you eat as much as you can from their great vegetarian buffet. The dishes in the buffet change every day, but there are always salads, couscous, boiled vegetables, tarts and additional dishes, such as pumpkin baked with tofu and vegetables, pastas with grilled vegetables, beans with aubergines. The flavors are great and even non-vegetarians will not be disappointed!




Type of food: Vegetarian

Address: Caro moda, Tv. da Mota 10

Open: 12:00-15:00, Closed on Sunday


Time for dessert! If you are looking for great ice-cream in Faro, QUENTE E FRIO will definitely satisfy you. The shop is simply stunning. Beautifully decorated, with loads of tables inside and outside. The ice-cream looks simple but just try it and you will relish every spoonful! The staff is friendly and willing to offer to try some flavors to make sure you are satisfied with your choice. I can definitely recommend the strawberry and Ferrero Rocher flavors – truly sensational! Nice spot for a little break in Faro.



Type of food: ice-cream, coffee

Address: R. Vasco da Gama 36

Open: 8:00-20:00, Closed on Sunday


You simply cannot leave Faro and Portugal without eating enough of the amazing PASTEIS DE NATA. This delicious custard tartlet is the most popular dessert in Portugal and it is known all around the world. PASTELARIA PADARIA CENTEIO serves fabulous desserts and probably one of the most fantastic Pasteis de nata. You’ll die and go to heaven with every bite. Other dreamy desserts available in this traditional pastry shop include home-made cookies and quality pastry, cakes and croissants. The service is fast and friendly and the prices are very fair. What more can you ask for?




Type of food: pastry, cakes

Address: Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque 25

Open: 7:00-20:00

Maastricht – where to eat & drink

Today I would like to share with you the list of my favorite restaurants and bars in Maastricht. You are about to find out how much this lovely city in the Netherlands has to offer!


19532916_10155619827722176_1754207871_o - Copy

If you are looking for the best Thai restaurant in Maastricht, you just found it. PET THAI will make you feel like in Thailand from the moment you enter.

The place is pretty hard to notice from the outside, so make sure not to miss it. The interior surprises. It is beautiful, full of Thai ornaments and traditional symbols. Cosy and spacious.

The menu is full of Thai specialties. When it comes to appetizers, you have a long list that includes spring rolls, fish cakes, shrimp cakes, chicken in pandan leaves, Thai pork sausages, chicken satay with peanut sauce and grilled pork skewers. The traditional soups come in small or large version. The main dishes are large and can easily feed two people! When it comes to specific orders and allergies, the chefs are extremely flexible. Simply tell the staff what you cannot eat and they will be happy not to include that in your dish.

The flavors are out of this world. As the restaurant is for real Thai food lovers, be careful with your choices – the dishes can be really spicy! For every dish, you can choose between 1 and 15 (!) hot peppers. Spicy is my second name, but in Pet Thai the most I can take is 3 hot peppers. I really don’t know how people can handle 10 or even more of them! If you do, please let me know! 😉

The staff is simply WONDERFUL. Very laid-back, welcoming and cheerful. Everybody speaks perfect English and will answer all of your possible questions. Without a doubt, Pet Thai is my favorite restaurant in Maastricht!

19531677_10155619827167176_2141416087_o - Copy


Type of food: Thai

Address: Boschstraat 93

Open: 16:00-22:00, closed on Thursday


Bishop’s Mill (Bisschopsmolen) in MAASTRICHT is the oldest working watermill in the Netherlands! Built in the VII (!!!) century, the mill had various functions through the centuries. At the moment it is associated with a fantastic little bakery. The access is free, so you can see the mill working and, if you are coming with a group of 10 or more, you can take part in a guided tour that takes about 90 minutes.

Photo 24-06-2017, 13 21 28

Photo 24-06-2017, 13 21 52

In their lovely cafe you can enjoy some traditional Limburg specialties, such as limburgsevlaai (amazing local taart made with seasonal fruits), pies and cakes.

The bakery also sells wonderful products to take home, such as fresh bread, baguettes, sweet rolls, buns, bread rolls with raisins, nuts and oats. An interesting idea is getting the spelt bread mix with recipe and making the traditional Limburg bread at home! 🍞

Photo 24-06-2017, 13 30 58


Photo 24-06-2017, 13 31 34.jpg



Type of food: Bread, pastry, bakery

Address: Stenenbrug 3

Open: 9:00-18:00, closed on Monday


Amazing ice-cream, silky smooth and full of flavor! They call themselves the best ice-cream shop in the Netherlands and they are not far from the truth! The cookie-dough flavor will take you straight to heaven. And as for “weird” flavours – try the avocado one. Amazingly creamy, not too sweet, beautiful. If you are a fan of sorbets, try mango or raspberry to taste the real fruit power!

Photo 24-06-2017, 15 22 53

Type of food: Ice-cream

Address: Stationsstraat 56A

Open: 10:00-22:00, Monday: 11:00-21:00


Here it’s all about bagels!

The restaurant is spacious and cosy, with warm lights and nice wooden tables. Perfect place to meet with friends.

Photo 24-06-2017, 14 52 15


The menu of their bagels is in a form of a little, very descriptive book. First, the bagel itself: white, gluten free white, whole wheat spelt, sesame, oathie, everything sourdough, cinnamon-raisin, tomato.

Then the filling. You can choose between cream cheese bagels, warm bagels, special bagels and sweet ones. When it comes to the cream cheeses, there is natural flavor, chives, pesto & sun-dried tomatoes and walnut honey to choose from. The warm bagels are an interesting form of typical burgers, e.g. bagel with bacon, lettuce, tomatoes with a mayonaise dressing & pine nuts or a mushroom burger with Parmigiano Reggiano, truffle mayonnaise, pine nuts & lettuce. The most interesting  special bagels are:

  • Japanese style wild salmon with teriyaki sauce, wasabi mayonnaise, wasabi shavings, cucumber & lettuce;
  • Parmabella with mozzarella di bufala, Prosciutto di Monastero (monastery ham), sun-dried tomatoes, pesto, pine nuts & rocket;
  • Chicken Chutney with smoked chicken, hummus, mango-chutney, pumpkin seeds & rocket.

Want more? Take a sweet bagel for dessert: with banana, maple syrup & cinnamon, with strawberry jam, with chocolate sprinkles or a simple bagel with butter. How could anyone resist that? AMAZING PLACE!

Photo 24-06-2017, 14 52 36 (1)


Photo 24-06-2017, 14 54 43

Type of food: Bagels

Address: Wycker Brugstraat 31

Open: 8:00-17:30, Saturday & Sunday: 8:30-17:30


Another amazing bagel restaurant in Maastricht!

Located just next to the train station, it is a perfect lunch spot for those who just arrived to Maastricht. The interior is very modern and spacious, just check out the photos.

Photo 24-06-2017, 15 06 18.jpg

Photo 24-06-2017, 15 05 05

On the menu of bagels there is a special position: the BITCH bagel with bacon, lettuce, tomato, cheese and ham that was awarded the best Maastricht sandwich in 2016!

If you come here, make sure to get one of their great 9 juices. All made from fresh ingredients just in front of you. Try the Brain Potion to increase your focus or the Green Energy Bomb to experience a strong energy kick. Every juice costs only €3,60 and bagels are between €3,90-6,90.

A restaurant with a hipster vibe and great fresh food!

Photo 24-06-2017, 15 04 19


Type of food: Bagels

Address: Stationsstraat 8

Open: 9:00-17:00


This bar/cafe/restaurant is a true hidden gem in the center of Maastricht!

Come here for wonderful coffee, smoothies, great sandwiches and cakes. Everything here is fresh, healthy and delicious. Their food and drinks contain no artificial sweeteners and are made from organic products from local suppliers. But most of all, come here for the relaxing atmosphere – the place is so pleasant and nicely decorated. Perfect for lazy breakfast, brunch, lunch, but also a great place to work on your laptop for hours. If you come on a sunny day, make sure to find a spot in their gorgeous, quiet garden. I could spend my whole days in this magical LIVIN’ ROOM!

Photo 24-06-2017, 18 15 32.jpg

Photo 24-06-2017, 18 14 57.jpg

Photo 24-06-2017, 18 14 35

Photo 24-06-2017, 18 15 16Photo 24-06-2017, 18 14 29

Type of food: Healthy, vegetarian, sandwiches, cakes

Address: Heggenstraat 7

Open: Tuesday – Saturday: 10:30-17:30, Sunday: 13:00-17:30, closed on Monday

BOEKHANDEL DOMINICANEN – Coffeelovers Dominicanen

Photo 24-06-2017, 16 40 08

Bookstore? Yes, a bookstore and a cafe. But that would not be that surprising, were they not located in an ancient Dominican church from XIII century! The church has been renovated and turned into a modern bookstore and serves as a great example of adaptive re-use.

Photo 24-06-2017, 16 33 51

Photo 24-06-2017, 16 33 58

In 1794 Maastricht was invaded by Napoleon Bonaparte and Dominicans were forced to leave the building. Since then the church has been used in many ways, for example as a giant parking lot for bikes! Currently the church is one of Maastricht’s main attractions. In 2008 The Guardian called Boekhandel Dominicanen the  best bookstore in the world. Go there for great selection of books (also in English) and international magazines. But do not miss a wonderful cafe located in the former choir area .

Photo 24-06-2017, 16 36 29

Photo 24-06-2017, 16 32 28

Type of food: Coffee, tea, pastry, cakes

Address: Dominicanerkerkstraat 1

Open: Monday: 10:00-18:00, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday: 9:00-18:00, Thursday: 9:00-21:00, Sunday: 12:00-18:00

Magical Cracow – where to find best pastries, cakes & ice-cream

The variety of home-made cakes, traditional pretzels & pastries as well as natural ice-cream that is available on every corner in Cracow will bring you back to your childhood. But as it is generally known, calories consumed during holidays do not count! So, feel like a kid again and make the most of your stay in tasty Cracow 🙂


This lovely cafe is only a part of the whole complex, TYTANO – a former tobacco factory that was established in 1876 and operated for more than 125 years. Now the factory is transformed into a gastronomic and culture hub with dozens of bars, cafés and restaurants! The whole area is large – 15 thousand square meters and offers an incredible variety of day and night entertainment. As this post is exclusively about cafes and pastry shops, I would really like to recommend BonJour Cava as a lovely spot to spend your afternoon. Pick a table on their gorgeous terrace, order a glass of wine or freshly squeezed juice, choose one of their great tarts or cakes and simply relax in the sun.

Amazing how this abandoned and already forgotten cigarette factory was brought back to life! Now the whole Tytano complex is a place to be and the hottest address in Cracow. Definitely worth checking out!



Type of food: coffee, desserts

Address: Ul. Warszawska 16

Open: Monday-Friday: 7:30-19:30, Saturday: 9:00-18:00, Sunday: 11:00-17:00



When in Cracow you have to make sure to eat one of the Polish cakes, a true pastry masterpiece called Kremówka (pronounced kreh-moov-kah) or Napoleonka (as for ‘Napoleon’s cake’ in some parts of Poland). Known also as “Papal” cream cake as it was Pope John Paul II’s favorite.

Between two layers of puff pastry there is creamy buttercream or delicate vanilla pastry cream. Everything is sprinkled with powdered sugar…  


At CZARODZIEJ confectionery you will find an immense variety of cakes and pastries but if you want my honest opinion, forget everything else… and try their Kremowka! Soft pastry baked to perfection, light cream made with the finest ingredients – you’ll die and go to heaven with every bite.


I’ve eaten a lot of pastries in my life (my mom is a wonderful baker) but their cream cake is a true sensational dessert! I was not surprised to find out that every year they are being awarded for making the best Kremowka in Krakow. So good you’ll want to eat more and skip dinner 🙂




Type of food: desserts, pastries, cocktails

Address: 3 locations: Ul. Karmelicka 15 (with the biggest & best equipped shop),

Ul. Wrocławska 5A, Ul. Kronikarza Galla 24

Open: 9:00-19:30


Such a gorgeous, high-quality pastry shop and cafe. A real treats heaven. If you have a sweet tooth, come here and you will not leave unsatisfied. A large variety of cakes, pies, pastries, sweet and savory tarts. Everything beautifully presented and served.

What is even better is that their treats taste as good as they look, no artificial flavors and non-natural ingredients. Just go and pick your favorite dreamy desserts (or two) and feed your inner child!


Type of food: desserts, pastries

Address: 4 locations: Ul. Grodzka 28, Ul. Studencka 1, Ul. Tadeusza Kościuszki 21, Ul. Kazimierza Kordylewskiego 14

Open: open all day long from early morning hours, every location has different opening hours


Lajkonik is a chain of pastry shops & bakeries. I am usually quite suspicious when it comes to large chains but what a pleasant surprise it was! Their shops are very welcoming, nicely decorated, spacious with lots of tables. They serve everything from cakes, pastries, bread, buns, sweet-rolls and donuts to sandwiches and beautiful bagels. Everything is beautifully presented, almost too beautiful to eat!

A perfect spot to have your morning coffee, enjoy your breakfast, lunch, or to grab a lovely dessert while sightseeing. What is more, you will find LAJKONIK shops all around Cracow. What more can you ask for?

TIP: If you are not into cakes, try lovely vanilla-strawberry ice-cream or one of their great milkshakes. They are gluten free and have a great, refreshing flavors.

Type of food: pastries, cakes, ice-cream, coffee, milkshakes

Address: 6 locations in Cracow

Open: 7:00-21:00


Sometimes instead of following big crowds it’s worth to follow your own intuition. This beautiful shop proved to me that I should do it more often! Instead of long queues – pretty and smiley staff ready to take your orders. Instead of the lack of space to sit – a gorgeously decorated shop with a few nice tables. That convinced me. Then I was given a sample of cheesecake ice-cream and I was sold! Beautiful flavor, not too sweet, and the portion was really generous!

NiceIceApart from the standard flavors, there are also some more exotic ones, such as mango with mint, white chocolate with chili or cheesecake with coffee. My absolute number ones were blueberry (amazing!), cheesecake and peanut butter.


The shop is relatively new (open in April 2017) so not everybody knows about it yet. I was debating with myself whether I should keep it for myself too, but oh well… Enjoy! 🙂

Type of food: Ice-cream

Address: Ul. Krupnicza 28

Open: 11:00-22:00


The name literally means Good Ice-cream. And let me tell you, this ice-cream shop is super popular – not without a reason! The flavors change every day, the ingredients are natural and the flavors are sometimes extremely original! Be prepared for long lines – if you are lucky, you will wait 10-15 mins but on sunny Sundays, the waiting time can mean almost an hour! 😉 Large portions of really good ice-cream!


Tip: As there are two locations in Cracow’s Kazimierz, if the line in one shop is way too long, you can always check out the other one! 😉

Type of food: Ice-cream

Address: Wolnica Square 11, Nowy Square – Okraglak

Open: 11:00-22:00


A simple and small shop with only (?) 12 flavors which do not change every day. But their ice-cream is a work of art. I was sold when I tried the pistachio flavor – heaven in your mouth, taste just like the original pistachio ice-cream that can be found in Sicily. Other flavors were not worse: fabulous creamy one or amazing raspberry cheesecake. Shall I continue…? The location could not be more central, the shop is located next to Bracka and

The only thing I was not impressed with was the service, but my taste-buds were compensated with beautiful flavors!


Type of food: Ice-cream

Address: Wszystkich Świętych Square 8

Open: 11:00-19:00

Magical Cracow – where to eat

Recommending travel destinations is always risky – it is not easy to please everyone. But honestly, I don’t know anybody who has traveled to the Polish city of Cracow (Kraków) and didn’t fall in love. If you haven’t been to this historical town, this Polish center of culture and art, think twice. If you do it, you will want to keep coming back. Add to this description wonderful international atmosphere, scenic views and POLISH FOOD TO DIE FOR.

So before you book your tickets let me take you on a little virtual tour to Cracow – the city where culinary magic happens! ❤


Sometimes you don’t have to travel extremely far to eat extremely well! I found one of the most amazing restaurants without even leaving Poland, my home country.


You have to be aware of one thing – it will be very difficult to choose something from the menu. I got hungry just from looking at the list of incredibly described dishes and didn’t want to accept the fact that I couldn’t order everything! 😉 After speaking to the lovely waitress, my choices were:

 🍲 Pumpkin cream with ginger served with pumpkin seeds and coriander
🍚 Risotto with tiger prawns, cherry tomatoes, garlic, pak choi, tarragon with butter sauce
🍗 Turkey with simmered spinach and apricots, served with barley, leek and parmesan
 Raspberry crumble with vanilla sauce…


Sounds delicious, doesn’t it? And it gets even better. The food is beautifuly presented (don’t you get hungry just from looking at the photos??), the flavors are divine and every bite is a mini paradise!

When you add to this a gorgeously looking restaurant with one of the most charming gardens (really nothing compares to how the garden looks like in the evening), this place is truly magical. The atmosphere is pleasant, calm and relaxed – a perfect spot for a date or dinner with friends. During the day the garden is very sunny which means you can even sunbathe while enjoying your lunch.

MY TOP RESTAURANT IN CRACOW! I will definitely come back ❤


Type of food: International

Address: Krupnicza 20

Open: 8:00-23:00, Sunday 9:00-23:00


If you think that vegetarian food is only about salads and it cannot make you full, this place will prove you wrong! Giant portions of amazing vegetarian dishes, fantastic flavors, good prices, friendly service and nice decor – what more can you ask for? The place is great not only for vegetarians – I promise that even meat lovers will find the food in GLONOJAD tasty.



Type of food: Vegetarian

Address: Plac Jana Matejki 2

Open: Monday-Frinday: 8:00-22:00, Saturday-Sunday: 9:00-22:00


20170601_16191520170601_16184520170601_165942A pretty little restaurant in Kazimierz, the Jewish Quarter of Cracow. What is special about this place is their beautiful garden – a perfect getaway from the busy town, a true oasis. Barfly has fabulous daily menu, that changes every day. For only 16 zl (yes, €4), you can choose one of the four soups and one of the four main dishes. A drink comes together with the food. What a bargain! The service is super friendly and will answer all your questions. The food is also spotless – tastes like at home. A very good place to eat well in Cracow!

Type of food: Polish, International

Address: Ul. Józefa 15

Open: 10:00-23:00, Sunday: 8:00-23:00


Pierogi, pierogies, dumplings, Polish ravioli… Call it whatever you want. Pierogi is something you definitely have to try while in Poland! Those little goodies are made by wrapping pockets of dough around a savory or sweet filling and cooking them in boiling water. Dumplings are popular in Slavic, Baltic and other Eastern European cuisines, where they are known under local names. In Poland pierogi are treated as national dish.


There is a number of places in Cracow where you can try many types of dumplings. Pierogi Mr Vincent is one of the top ones!

Type of food: Polish, dumplings

Address: Bożego Ciała 12

Open: 11:00-21:00


If you miss mama’s food and honest home-cooking, you will not be disappointed with this little charming restaurant. From Monday to Friday, starting from the noon, the owners serve beautiful lunch specials. Each lunch includes a soup, a main dish and a fresh drink from boiled seasonal fruits. There are three soups to choose from and five-six main dishes. Dumplings and pancakes are always on the menu, no matter what day of the week it is! For a daily menu, check their Facebook page – they update it regularly.

The atmosphere inside is charming, with warm colors and pleasant decorations. You feel at home from the moment you enter.

Type of food: Polish, traditional

Address: Ul. Miodowa 25

Open: 11:00-21:00


If you like to try new flavors, if you like cuisines from various parts of the world, or if you need a change, this place is for you! Kolanko No6 specialises in world cuisine dishes. Therefore, in the menu you will find: Thai curry, Greek moussaka, Tuscan style beef stew, sous vide duck breast, baked pork ribs, cod loin baked with butter, Arabic mutabal dip (eggplant dip), French mussels in butter and wine as well as Tunisian Chakchouka (a dish made of red pepper and tomatoes, roasted with egg).

Another of their trademarks are crepes, which are simply delicious. Chineese style crepes with chicken, Mexican style crepes with minced meat, Crepes a la Carbonara, Crepes with broccoli and three cheeses – these are just some examples of the savory ones. When it comes to sweet ones, the list is even longer – you can choose two or three different fillings. Vanilla custard, pudding, natural yoghurt, banana, cherries, peach, forrest fruit, cinnamon apples,  toffee sauce, raspberry mousse, mango mousse… the list continues!

From Monday to Friday, from 12:00 Kolanko No 6 serves lunch of the day, which includes a soup of the day, main dish and a fruit drink. They also serve great buffet breakfasts, every day from 8:00 till noon. The buffet includes  sweet and savoury delicacies: salads, sliced meats, toasts, eggs, bacon, sausages, milk, muesli, cakes and biscuits.

Type of food: International

Address: Ul. Józefa 17

Open: Sunday-Wednesday: 8:00-23:00, Thursday: 8:00-00:00, Friday-Saturday: 8:00-01:00


As the name is pretty straightforward, Canton Dim Sum House specializes in Chinese dumplings. And they do it well! The restaurant is tiny, with only few tables, but it also has a charming little garden. The place is amazingly calm and pleasant.

The dim-sum list is extensive: you can choose between very interesting taste combinations of savory and sweet dumplings. The quality is also outstanding: delicate dough, great proportion of pastry to filling. On top of that, they serve their dim-sums with delicious hoisin sauce! I have no doubts that both vegetarians and meat lovers will find this little restaurant great.

Type of food: Dim Sum, Asian

Address: Ul. Węgłowa 2

Open: Tuesday-Friday: 12:00-20:00, Saturday-Sunday: 13:00-20:00, Monday: closed


Nowadays, there are so many restaurants serving amazing burgers. Even vegetarian burgers become more and more fashionable. However, I often find them a bit tasteless, with no character. Well, KROWARZYWA proved me that vegetarian burgers can be even more delicious than the ones with beef!


You don’t agree? Well, then I encourage you to try them in KROWARZYWA. First you can choose your roll: white, brown or gluten free. Or you can have you burger served on the salad! Every burger contains lettuce, spinach, sweet peper, onion, pickles, sprouts and “the main part”. My favorite was the one with millet as the main ingredient (+ pumpkin and sunflower seeds, coriander and herbs). Other delicious ones were with sweet potatoes, chickpeas, marinated and grilled seasonal vegetables, slices of smoked tofu or breaded wheat meat. Additionally, there is a burger of the month.

Apart from the burgers, KROWARZYWA serves fabulous gluten and sugar free smoothies. The flavors are great, even without adding sweeteners! In few days I tried them all and, oh boy, I felt refreshed and healthy (and full!) after each one of them:

  1. banana, pear, spinach
  2. orange, banana, ginger, parsley
  3. guarana, banana, orange, goji berriers
  4. rice milk, banana, pea protein, carob
  5. kale or spinach, banana, apple, spirulina

Burgers cost from €3-4, smoothies €3, what a bargain!

Type of food: Vegetarian, burgers

Address: Ul. Sławkowska 8

Open: 12:00-23:00


As you might know Alchemia is a very well-known bar in Cracow, and alchemy is science that was used in the Middle Ages with the goal of changing ordinary metals into gold. But ALCHEMIA OD KUCHNI (Alchemy from the kitchen site) is something relatively new! Located just next to the popular bar, in the middle of the Jewish Quarter – Kazimierz. The atmosphere is very relaxed, which makes the place very pleasant for lunch or dinner.

The menu is interesting! Their soups are lovely: there is always a soup of the day and a beautiful tom-yum soup served with tofu, chicken or shrimps. When it comes to starters, you will have various types of hummus, salads and bagels. Time for the main course! Well here you can choose between so called ‘street food’ (Pad Thai, Pulled Pork Sandwich, fish & chips, vegetables in sweet chili sauce), burgers (classic or vegetarian with halloumi cheese), super food salads, Thai curries (interesting flavors, big portions), Hungarian paprika stew or steaks.


All in all, very surprising and interesting flavours & hipster atmosphere – I really liked it!

Type of food: International

Address: Ul. Estery 5

Open: Tuesday-Thursday: 8:00-23:00, Friday-Saturday: 8:00-00:00, Sunday: 8:00-23:00, Monday: 10:00-23:00


Usually restaurants located on the main square or next to it are rather expensive and very touristy which sometimes means bad quality. Well, BORDO CAFE is not the case. The place looks tiny from the outside but there is plenty of space and tables so do not worry about not finding a seat. I recommend going a little further, until the end of the restaurant where you reach a ‘terrace’ full of flowers – much nicer than the dark area of the main room.

The place is famous for its lunches. And, oh boy, the choice will give you a headache. They change their menu every day. You will have four soups and about twenty really interesting main dishes (with mean and vegetarian) to choose from. That’s not the end. Their lunch offer also includes a dessert. In total everything will cost you 14 PLN which is less than €4. Sounds impossible, right? But it’s more than possible and I will tell you more – go there really hungry cause the portions are really large! I saw many big guys who had problems finishing their lunch 😉 Since they cook something else every day, the food is really fresh. Highly recommended!

Type of food: Polish, International

Address: Ul. Gołębia 3

Open: 8:00-00:00


Located just oposite Bordo Cafe, GOSPODA KOKO is incredibly popular with tourists. Well taking into account that the portions are huge, the food is fresh and homemade and the are prices low, this should not come as a surprise. Again, the menu changes here every day and it includes many meat dishes. No matter what the dish of the day is, you can always get a plate of their great, homemade pierogi (dumplings): with cottage cheese, spinach, meat, cabbage or even with strawberries and blueberries (seasonal).

Type of food: Polish

Address: Ul. Gołębia 8

Open:8:00 – 3:00 (yes, 3AM)


As not all of you are familiar with the name, Polish Zapiekanka looks like this:


It is an open-faced toasted cheese sandwich, a type of pizza with toppings served on a crunchy breach and toasted. In the past it used to be much more popular in Poland than now, but you can still find it, especially in Krakow! And if you want to try it, go to the place called Okraglak – a circular building in the middle of Kazimierz. You will find there a number of shops serving zapienkankas.

Each of the shops is good, it is a matter of taste. A place called ENDZIOR is definitely the most popular, but other ones are amazing, too! Each of them has a long list of zapiekankas – some of them are simple with only few topings (e.g. cheese, ham, mushrooms), some of them very original with loads of goodies that can be put on top (olives, feta cheese, dried tomatoes, green onions, different kinds of meat, salmon, eggs, vegetables – basically everything you can think of). Plus, to make the choice even more difficult, you will have the whole list of sauces. Good luck 😉

Walk around, and pick your spot and your favourite zapiekanka. My choice was King’s Zapiekanka with chicken, tomatoes, olives, mushrooms, corn, chives, cucumber cheese and a combination of hot chili and dill sauces. What a feast!

P.S. It is scientificaly proven that all Zapiekankas served here have zero calories.


What a lovely alternative for all fancy restaurants and heavy fast food. This soup bar offers six different soups to take-away. But not just simple boring soups. Indonesian broth, Hungarian goulash soup, pea soup with mint, Thai soup with coconut milk and chicken, Portugal soup with chorizo and kale, Chili con carne, tomato soup with sweet ricotta, Libyan soup with couscous and lamb… The list of six soups changes every week, so if you are lucky, you will be able to try something really exotic. Served in large cups, with bread. Yummy!

Type of food: Soup

Address: Ul. Warszauera 3

Open: 10:00-22:00



In early 1990s’ two taxi drivers decided to start their own business. They came with their blue ‘nysa’ truck to the famous market Hala Targowa and started preparing and selling their sausages on the street. Today they still come there every evening (except Sunday) to offer the best sausages in Krakow.

This is a legendary spot in Krakow for late night eating. One of a kind retro fast food with minimal choices. Open from 8pm till 3am. No menu, only one option: a lovely hot sausage fried on wood and served on a paper plate as soon as it is ready. On top of that you can get a bread roll and a bottle of old-fashioned Polish soda drink. There’s usually a long line, but it moves pretty quickly whenever a skewer full of deliciously smelling sausages is done. A trip into the past and a great option for a quick bite. A MUST when in Krakow!

Type of food: Polish, fast food, sausage

Address: Ul. Grzegórzecka 4

Open: 20:00-03:00


Eat, pray, love (or rather eat, eat, eat) in Napoli

Some people love it, some people hate it, but there is no doubt about one thing: Naples is an ultimate food lovers destination! I strongly recommend taking a break from all your diets when travelling to Naples. You will need a lot of space in your stomachs to enjoy the fabulous Neapolitan cuisine!



The pizzeria was established in 1870 and has been extremely popular ever since. But the fame of Da Michele has recently exploded thanks to a little book and a movie called Eat, Pray, Love.

Pizza in Naples is not a joke, this is serious stuff. I’m in love. I’m having a Relationship with my Pizza, says Julia Roberts while eating her amazing double cheese margherita: Eat, Pray, Love – Julia Roberts at Da MicheleThis is Pizza Margherita in Napoli, it is imperative to eat and enjoy that pizza.

In the book, the main character, Elizabeth Gilbert, says: “I love my pizza so much, in fact, that I have come to believe in my delirium that my pizza might actually love me, in return. I am having a relationship with this pizza, almost an affair.” Will you now be able to resist visiting Da Michelle when in Naples…? I don’t think so!


It’s impossible to miss this pizzeria – there is always a crowd of people waiting outside. Important: when you arrive go directly to the entrance and ask for a ticket. There is plenty of people waiting outside for their turn not realizing they need a number. After you get the ticket be patient and wait until they call your number. The crowd waiting outside is usually quite international and there is some excitement in the air, so waiting can somehow turn into fun time! 😉 When they finally call your number (they will say it in Italian so make sure you find out how to pronounce it), they will take you to your table. The choice is simple – you have only 2 pizzas on the menu: margherita (tomato, mozzarella, oil, cheese, basil) & marinara (tomato, garlic, oregano, olive oil). Both are exceptional. Three sizes to choose from: normal, medium and maxi and the prices are unbelievable: €4, €4,5 or €5 respectively! With so many customers everything takes time and people simply jump on their pizza when it arrives! 😉 And well, I have to admit the pizza is pretty amazing. An absolute must when in Naples!


Type of food: Pizza

Address: Via Cesare Sersale 1

Open: 11:00-23:00, Closed on Sunday


Da Michele might be the most popular one, but PIZZERIA GINO SORBILLO is called to be the best pizzeria in Naples! With modern ambiance and larger choice of pizzas this place is extremely popular. Their pizzas are only 5 euro and are truly delicious. Some call it the best pizza in the world! My favorite was pizza with white sauce, sausage meat, broccoli and spinach. Looks simple but the flavors are beyond words!

Tip: If the line is long, get a glass of Prosecco for €2 from the little bar located just outside. You will quickly forget about the waiting time 😉


Type of food: Pizza

Address: Via dei Tribunali 32

Open: 12:00-15:30 & 19:00-00:00, Closed on Sunday



Have you ever heard of Pizza Fritta? It’s a Neapolitan pizza with a twist – your favorite toppings properly sealed between two layers of pizza dough and deep-fried until crispy. This amazing street food is really enjoyed by the locals. It’s interesting that it never really got very popular outside Naples.

1947 PIZZA FRITTA is a historical pizzeria that has been making fried pizza for decades. They use ricotta or provolone (Italian cheese) as one of the main ingredients which makes the pizzas really soft and creamy on the inside. The prices are more than OK: €4-5 for a large pizza fritta made in front of you! Non-greasy and very filling, it will just melt in your mouth.

Type of food: Pizza Fritta (fried pizza)

Address: Via Pietro Colletta 16

Open: 09:50 -22:30, Closed on Sunday


If you eventually get tired of pizza, there is a fabulous risotteria I strongly encourage you to try. The choice of risotto is impressive: Valu Toledo has over 20 types of risotto on their menu. The descriptions sound so amazing, it’s really hard to decide: risotto with meat & beer sauce, sausage & porcini, nuts & gorgonzola (delicious!), truffles, pumpkin, pistachio and many, many more. The service is super friendly and the place is located just off Via Toledo. Highly recommended!

Type of food: Italian, risotto

Address: Vico Lungo del Gelso 80

Open: 12:00-16:00 & 19:00-01:00, Closed on Sunday


Amazing ice-cream everywhere! Yes, dont’t forget it’s Italy after all. And it’s not a big achievement to find delicious, or even gourmet ice-cream. But this gelateria is such an amazing find! The portions are so generous and the quality of ice-cream is beyond imagination. So popular that you will probably have to wait in line, but it’s deffinitely worth it. Soon you will be one of the lucky ones eating the finest gelato ever!

Type of food: Ice-cream

Address: Via Nardones 121

Open: 22:00-23:00


EATaly – Rome’s fabulous food spots

When in Rome, do as the Romans do! And eat where the Romans eat! 

I’m sure all of you have already visited or will visit the Eternal City of the Seven Hills. It’s an absolute must! But eating well in Rome is also a must! When it comes to food, restaurants, cafes and bars are literally everywhere. TripAdvisor rates almost 10,000 restaurants in Rome! With such an enormous number of places that serve amazing Italian cuisine it would be unforgivable not to make the most out of it. So, make a lot of pit- (or rather food-) stops while sightseeing and enjoy wonderful atmosphere of this stunning city!



Beautiful shop owned by the same family since 1970. A perfect lunch spot for fabulous sandwiches, freshly baked biscuits, pastry and pizza to go. If you stay nearby, I recommend going there in the morning and getting their outstanding bread. When it comes to pizza, FORNO CAMPO DE’ FIORI is known especially for their Pizza Rossa (with tomato sauce) and Pizza Bianca (white pizza). The choice of toppings is extensive: apart from the traditional ones you can taste pizzas with zucchini flowers (!), tomato and fior di latte (mozzarella made from cow’s milk, rather than that of water buffalo), or stracchino (a type of Italian cow’s milk cheese, also known as crescenza) with ruccola and walnuts (added to the white sauce, yummy!). You can also grab a piece of their simple and delicious focaccia (a flat oven-baked Italian bread). If you have a sweet tooth, try the most delicious cake ever – torta di ricotta 🙂


TIP: The shop is located at the charming Campo de’ Fiori square. If you go there before 2-3 pm, you will have a chance to explore a stunning market with typical Italian products, amazing flowers (see below), fruit & vegetables. A fruit & vegetables stand called Da Claudio a Campo de’ Fiori is quite special… Have you seen To Rome with Love by Woody Allen? Well, some scenes of the movie were filmed at this square after Woody Allen fell in love with this particular stand and decided to make it part of the film. A rumor has it that Alec Baldwin being a big man he is, had some real problems walking between small and narrow market alleys 😉 Talk to the owners of da Claudio to hear the story by yourself! 😉



Type of food: Pastry, pizza

Address: Vicolo del Gallo 14

Open: 8:30-20:00, Closed on Sunday


Trastevere is definitely my favorite district in Rome. Its name means “over the Tiber” and refers to the location: Trastevere is located on the west bank of river Tiber which separates it from the heart of central Rome. After a busy day in Rome, wandering, relaxing and eating in this neighborhood is pure pleasure. The atmosphere is cheerful and lively, especially in the evenings. The medieval streets are simply picturesque with hundreds of little restaurants and bars. Visit once and you will be coming back there every evening. Here are some restaurant suggestions for a lovely dinner in Trastevere.

  1. CAJO & GAJO

Simply charming. Lovely inside and outside area, amazing staff and very affordable prices. Pasta, pizza, meat, fish and vegetable dishes – they all look and taste delicious. One of my favorite places!

Type of food: Italian, pizza, pasta

Address: Piazza San Callisto 10

Open: 10:00-02:00


Another great pizzeria in the area of Trastevere. Beutiful pizza and pasta, lovely service, crowded in the evenings, popular with locals.


Type of food: Italian

Address: Via di S. Francesco a Ripa 158

Open: 18:00-00:30, Sunday: open also for lunch 12:00-16:00, Closed on Tuesday


What a fun place! Before entering the restaurant you are greeted with great enthusiasm and before even sitting down you are offered a glass of Prosecco or some delicious liqueur. The staff make a wonderful experience out of it and it’s simply impossible not to like this place from the very first second. The restaurant itself is beautiful, the menu is original. Apart from pizza and pasta they have great salads and well balanced international dishes: curry chicken with almonds and mashed potatoes, roasted lamb ribs or veal burgers. If you still feel like a dessert, go for homemade tiramisu, hot chocolate pie, strawberry panna cotta or a typical Italian crostatina (cheese cake with ricotta and cherries, amazing!).

Type of food: Italian

Address: L.go M.d. Fumasoni Biondi 5

Open: 11:00-01:00



APERITIVO is a proud tradition that dates back centuries – same say as far back as the Roman era, when the word aperitivus was first recorded in Latin, meaning a beverage used to ‘open the stomach’. But while that may sound like a form of torture, aperitivo is far from punishment. Quite the opposite! The Italian version of happy hour includes a drink with complimentary snacks. But the tradition has developed and now aperitivos are often very generous and extravagant!

The concept of aperitivo is simple: you order a cocktail, a beer or a glass of wine and you can enjoy free complimentary food. But Freni e Frizioni decided to really spoil its customers. Every day before 7 o’clock, the staff prepares a huge, stunning buffet for a walking style dinner. The food is mostly vegetarian, but it’s so well balanced and full of flavors that I am sure even true meat lovers will find it delicious! The bar is famous for its cocktails which are interesting and big (all between €8-10). Make sure to get there early and grab a table inside or outside. Or act like a local, be a little hipster and simply find a spot on a little square outside the bar. The atmosphere is cheerful and vibrant and the place is extremely popular. Perfect spot to start your evening in Transtevere – Roma’s best nightlife district full of restaurants, bars and cafes!

Type of food: Italian aperitivo

Address: Via del Politeama 4/6

Open: 18:30-02:00



Some white pizzas can be simply served with no tomato sauce. But the best ones are those with cheese such as ricotta, Marscapone, or chevre spread on the dough. By doing this, a lovely, rich and creamy base is created. Because of the richness of the sauce, the ingredients of white pizzas are usually simple. Most of them will have only one or two additional toppings such as cherry tomatoes and basil, ruccola salad, ham, mushroom, salmon, aubergine or four cheeses. Romans know how to do it well! So please do me a favor, don’t miss this experience and try as many white pizzas as possible when in Rome! 😉


La Foccaccia is a great place to do so. Located in a lovely little street, few steps from Piazza Navona with the view over charming Cloister of Bramante. If the weather is fine, try to seat outside, the atmosphere here is very enjoyable and relaxing and the surrounding is nothing but pretty. I strongly suggest you to try one of their white pizzas: Sorrentina (buffalo mozzarella, cheese, cherry tomatoes, basil, oregano – my top), Rughetta (rocket salad, buffalo mozzarella cheese, parmesan cheese), but you can also go for Quattro Formaggi (4 cheeses) or something more original like Gorgonzola (mozzarella cheese, gorgonzola cheese, pears and walnuts) or Cicoria (chicory, mozzarella cheese, garlic and hot red peppers). Apart from pizza, La Focaccia has typical Italian starters, good salads, pasta, meat and vegetable dishes as well as an extensive choice of focaccia breads – traditional or more original ones such as with poppy seeds, black olive’s cream or pork and hot salami (cost between €4-7). Oh, and one more thing: do not miss their light and flavorful homemade wine served in carafes. Sit down, relax, and breath in some lovely atmosphere of the Eternal City.

Type of food: Italian, pizza

Address: Via della Pace 11

Open: 12:00-00:30


Walking around the ruins of the Colosseum and Roman Forum can be exhausting! As the area is very crowded with lots of touristy places, it makes sense to walk a few steps from Piazza Venezia and find this little shop! At Pizza Florida you can get fresh and excellent pizza by weight. The prices are extremely good and the service is super friendly, so go ahead and ask questions about their pizzas! The prices are more than affordable: you will pay around €1,20 for 100 grams of delicious pizza of your choice. The place is tiny but you can still sit inside or on a bench outside. Very popular, mainly among locals, which is always an amazing sign!


Type of food: pizza by weight

Address: Via Florida 25

Open: 10:00-22:00, Closed on Sunday


Thinking about this place makes me smile… Located quite far from the center, not in the most charming neighborhood, it is probably not the first tourist destination. I arrived 20 minutes before the opening time (7pm) and saw a completely empty shop, with a guy slowly putting some plastic tables outside. Staff (that by the way was not the friendliest) informed me that they were still closed and told me to come back in 20 mins. I did. The staff still looked lazy and bored. I could not believe my eyes but decided to stay since I had already walked so far to get to this place.

A terribly slow guy brought menus. The restaurant is famous for its white pizza so I checked that straight away. As promised, they had ten types of white pizzas (pizza bianca) and ten ones with tomato sauce. I ordered two pizzas (white with ruccola and white with salmon) and two Italian beers. The service did not get any better. But then the pizzas arrived… Thin, crunchy on the outside, creamy in the middle, with a delightful and very light dough – every bite was just melting in my mouth. By the time I finished, the restaurant was full! Around 8pm there was already a big line of people waiting for a table. And it turned out there were other waiters that were way more friendly and energetic than mine 😉 Visit if you have some time on your hands cause the flavors are simply beautiful.


Type of food: Italian, pizza

Address: Piazza di Santa Maria Liberatrice 44

Open: 19:00-01:00, Closed on Sunday


Vatican City is full of restaurants and cafes, unfortunately many of them are real tourist traps. Borgo 139 is a great little spot open all day long. I strongly recommend their sandwiches – the choice is so large that it’s hard to pick one! The ingredients are fresh and the staff is very friendly. They also make great fresh orange juice. A healthy and pleasant stop on the way to/after visiting Vatican!


Type of food: Italian, snack, sandwich

Address: Borgo Pio 139

Open: 9:30-19:30


This place is known for its take-away pasta and sandwiches. All prepared by hand on site. When it comes to pasta, the procedure is simple. First you choose the pasta: strengozzi (long-cut pasta with rectangular section), fettuccine (flat thick pasta), taglierini (a type of ribbon pasta, similar to tagliatelle but thinner), farfalle (bow-tie pasta), gnocchi (soft dough dumplings), tortellini (ring-shaped pasta). Then you choose the sauce: tomato and basil, cream and blue cheese, aromatic herbs, butter and sage, cream and ham, meat sauce. If you are confused with the types of pasta – don’t worry – they are all displayed at the bar. The prices are great: €5-6 for a fresh pasta dish made in front of you!


Type of food: pasta, sandwich

Address: 2 locations: Via dei Coronari 160 & Via Del Boschetto 112

Open: 12:00-22:00


Located just next to Pantheon, with many tables inside and excellent choice of desserts and ice-cream. Here you will have a chance to try Semifreddo (which means half-cold) – a classic Italian dessert that combines the richness of ice cream with the texture of frozen mousse. The chocolate one is to die for, so I strongly recommend it to all chocolate lovers. The place is a bit pricey (you will pay much more than in other cafes) but everything including ice-cream is undoubtedly of best quality.  And the store is simply stunning – just have a look at the photos!

P.S. Don Nino is open until 2 am! It is never too late for a great dessert in Italy! 😉




Type of food: Dessert, ice-cream

Address: Via dei Pastini 134

Open: 08:00-02:00 (yes, 2am)


I am not even going to try to list all the fabulous ice-cream places in Rome. That is simply impossible and I give up straight away. In Rome ice-cream are great everywhere, and they are literally EVERYWHERE so you don’t have to worry that you won’t find them when you have a sweet tooth! 🙂 I really liked Old Bridge for their huuuge portions, fabulous flavors (fior di latter, strawberry, pistacchio and all other ones) and amazing, friendly service. They have shops all over the city, so you won’t have a problem finding one. When in Rome ice-cream 2-3 times a day is an absolute must! 😉

Best restaurants in Antwerp

Clean, friendly, with stunning architecture and a hipster vibe. Perfect for fashion and art lovers. Known for having one of the most beautiful train stations in the world, being the leading diamond capital and Belgium’s biggest port – WELCOME TO ANTWERP! Given the perfect train connection with all Belgian cities, a day trip to Antwerp is easy and convenient. Before you head off to buy some diamonds, make sure to check out Antwerp’s amazing restaurants and bars!

PHO 61

Located just on the main square, Pho 61 is simply to good to be missed. The interior is cosy and interesting with a big Thai Tuk Tuk hanging from the ceiling! The food is nothing but fresh, with a tons of herbs and sprouts that is served extra with your dish. But a big bowl of noodle soup is not the only thing you can order here. You can choose between different types of pho, dim sums, rice rolls, delicious savory pancakes and omelets, rice noodle salads (my top one!). You decide if you go for a veggie option, chicken, pork or seafood.

Oh, before I forget – the desserts are to die for!

Type of food: Vietnamese

Address: Grote Markt 42, Antwerp

Open: 12:00 – 14:00 & 18:00 – 22:00, closed on Tuesday


Stuffed pastry baked or fried that can be found in a number of places from Cape Horn to the border of Mexico. Who doesn’t like empanadas? Now you don’t have to travel all the way to South America to taste the original ones!

The little tables outside (in Argentina’s colors: light blue and white) make BAR BUENOS AIRES a lovely spot, especially on a sunny day. Their comfort street food is simply delicious. Their beef empanadas look and taste beautiful – crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and  – just the way they should be! Served with great spicy salsa for only €3. For the real experience get Cerveza Quilmes (Argentinian beer, brewed in Buenos Aires Province) or an energizing Yerba Mate. You will not want to leave!


Type of food: Argentinian, South American, street food

Address: Koepoortbrug 3

Open: Sunday-Friday: 15:00-22:00, Saturday: 12:00-22:00, closed on Tuesday


With a beach vibe, lots of sand, great drinks, music and a summer atmosphere, it’s easy to forget where you are. From May till September it’s a fabulous spot to enjoy a sunny afternoon in Antwerp. Be careful: you might feel so good chilling in the sun and sipping your beer at this waterfront bar that you will lose track of time and forget to do all the sightseeing! 😉

Check the calendar for their famous salsa parties:


Type of place: Beach bar

Address: Rijnkaai 150, Antwerp

Open: from 12 May 2017, every day 12:00 – 02:00


Ok, time for some ice-cream. But it can never be any ice-cream. It has to be delicious Italian Gelato. And they have them in Antwerp! Not directly in the center but definitely worth a walk. When it’s warm there is quite a few people here – the locals know where to eat! Go for nocciola or pistacchio to taste a bit of Italy in Belgium.


Type of food: Ice-cream, desserts, Italian

Address: Verschansingstraat 57, Antwerp

Open: every day 13:00 – 22:00


Something different! Mercado is a very nice food court, located in the centre of Antwerp. The place is spacious with 16 stands with various types of food & drinks and tables located in the middle of the hall. The atmosphere gets better in the late afternoon and evening when more people start coming to enjoy themselves. Even if you are in a big group, you do not have to make any compromises – everybody can pick their favorite cuisine and you can still eat together sharing the same table! The choice is huge: chicken dishes, pizza, a stand for meat lovers, Malaysian cuisine, seafood bar, dim sum stand, avocado dishes, Moroccan, Lebanese and Mexican food. There is also a juice bar, spirits bar, a bubble waffle dessert stand and a coffee place. Something for everybody!

Tip: If you visit Mercado on Friday evening, you will enjoy some great live music. Check their website for the updated list of events:

Type of place: food court

Address: Groenplaats 43, Antwerp

Open: 11:00-24:00, Monday & Tuesday Closed

Best food and ice-cream in Florence

Florence is not only the capital of Tuscany but also the capital of flavors! You will need at least 2-3 days to check out what this fabulous city has to offer.


Love at first sight! You enter and it’s like a scene from an Italian movie. A cozy pizzeria, with traditional wood-fired oven, lively Italian atmosphere and lots of locals. You have 7 pizzas to choose from: Margherita, Napoli, Marinara, Gustapizza (cherry tomatoes, rucola, parmesan, mozzarella – just see the photos below!), Calzone Napoletano, Calabrese (tomato, spicy salami, basil, mozzarella), Caprese (cherry tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella). Please do me a favor and don’t miss this place when in Florence! 🙂

Type of food: Italian, Pizza

Address: Via Maggio, 46/red, Florence

Open: 11:30–15:30 & 19:00–23:30, Monday Closed



Ice-cream in Italy is simply magical. No matter where you go, you will find some stunning creamy flavors. But if you are a real ice-cream lover, after some time spent in Italy, you become really picky and start looking for best of the best 😉 If that’s the case, make sure to find ANTICA GELATERIA FIORENTINA when in Florence. The old-fashioned interior (the gelateria was established in 1990), super friendly (non-English speaking) staff and overwhelming choice of flavors, will make you want to stay there to try them all!



If you are in Florence on Saturday, go there for an evening meal! Otherwise, visit it for lunch (sadly they are open in the evening only on Saturdays). Nothing special from the outside but when you walk inside, you will get a very warm welcome from the owners. The place is usually crowded which makes the atmosphere even more special. The staff is extremely friendly and cheerful, even though they do not speak a word of English. The food is inexpensive – you will pay around €6-7 for a dish. Order some of their amazing pastas, a homemade soup, a crepe with spinach and cheese, meat or grilled vegetables, get a carafe of their great house wine and enjoy amazing Italian atmosphere!

Type of food: Italian

Address: Via de Cerchi, 15r, Florence

Open: Monday-Friday 8:00-16:00, Saturday 8:00-23:00


It’s hard to decide which place in Florence is best, it’s hard to try them all. Osteria Pepo is definitely one of the top ones! Their home made lasagna is to die for, mushroom risotto look simple but tastes like heaven and ricotta cheese and spinach ravioli with butter and sage could be the best pasta dish I have ever had. But this is not the end: they serve delicacies from the “frying pan”, various types of meat from the grill and from the casserole. The portions are not the biggest, but Osteria Pepo is definitely not about getting stuffed – it’s about the incredible flavors. The place itself is quite elegant – perfect for a cozy evening with some gourmet specials.


Tasty Amsterdam – where to eat

This city has so much to offer! It’s so laid back, charming and attractive that it’s hard not to like it. If you are lucky to be in Amsterdam on a sunny day, just walk around, breath in the atmosphere of this great city, visit its cool open air markets and make sure not to leave without filling your stomach with some delicious food!


I am not afraid to say that: this might be my favorite Thai place outside Thailand! I still remember coming there for the first time, attracted by a lot of people standing outside and a buzzling atmosphere. The place is tiny and packed all day long! But be patient and wait for a table or a chair next to the window – you are about to eat some of the best food ever! All the cooks are Thai (so this is the real thing) and you can even watch them cooking.

What to choose from the menu? Hmm… EVERYTHING?! Literally, you can take a blind guess and you will be successful. They have seafood, beef, chicken, pork and vegetarian dishes, thai salads and soups. For the main you will pay from ‎€10 to ‎€16 and the portions are really big (you can even share).

If you are not convinced yet, I will just say that I have NEVER left Amsterdam without eating at Thai Bird Snackbar. Ha, as they do take-away, I usually take an extra portion home! 😉

Type of food: Thai

Address: Zeedijk 77, 1012 Amsterdam

Open: Monday-Thursday 13:00-22:00; Friday-Sunday 13:00-22:30


If Thai Bird Snackbar is too full and you are too hungry to wait, around 200 meters away there is another place with equally decent Thai food! It’s called Ocha, it’s bigger and much calmer than the other one. They have a classic Thai menu and I strongly recommend to enjoy a big variety of their great canned drinks that came straight from Thailand!


Type of food: Thai

Address: Binnen Bantammerstraat 1, Amsterdam

Open: 16:00-22:00, Monday Closed


Well, here it’s all about potatoes! Not the boring potatoes you cook at home, but creative ones, potatoes with a twist! The concept is simple: Jaketz bakes great Dutch potatoes with the most delicious fillings. You can choose between fish, meat, vegetarian or vegan ones. The prices are more than ok: the whole huge potatoe costs €3,95, 1/2 is €2,95, the fillings cost around €5 and you can choose some extras and additional sauces for €0,95. The most interesting fillings are: spicy green curry, chicken salad with fresh herbs, mackerel salad with herbs, pulled pork in whiskey maple sauce or smoked salmon tartare with herb curd. Hungry yet? I hope so! 😉


Type of food: Duch, Eastern European

Address: Nieuwendijk 32, Amsterdam

Open: Sunday-Thursday: 12:00-22:00; Friday-Saturday: 12:00-23:00


Great coffee and cakes, delicious ice-cream. The place is different from the other ones, the interior looks very old-fashioned. Grab some out of this world nociolla (hazelnut) or ginger ice-cream, get a table outside and enjoy a beatiful view of the canal. Great spot to take a short break from walking and sightseeing!

NEMO cafe and terrace

Even though this is not a typical restaurant, I simply cannot skip this place while talking about Amsterdam. The cafe and terrace located on the roof of the NEMO Science Museum is definitely the best rooftop bar in this city and the highest square in the Netherlands 😉 There is no entrance fee – all you have to do is climb some steps to get there!

Visit the panoramic terras on a sunny day to enjoy the sunshine and a fabulous view over the city. If you are hungry, check out their restaurants. Otherwise, get one of their great juices, a snack or a beer, find a nice spot outside and do what everybody should do while in Amsterdam… RELAX AND ENJOY!

Type of place: Rooftop bar

Address: NEMO Science Museum,

Open: 10:00-17:30, closed on Monday